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An Island perspective on the EU Cohesion Policy and Budget negotiations for the post-2020 period FR   EN  
Islands and Territorial Cohesion in the context of the renewal of the Territorial Agenda 2020 FR   EN  
Press review – 24 April 2018 PRESS REVIEW.pdf  
IC Final Declaration adopted in 2017 (Gozo) EN   ES   FR   IT  
Islands Commission reflections on post-2020 Cohesion Policy IT   ES   FR   EN  
Technical Paper on State Aid FR   EN  
IC Final Declaration adopted in 2016 (Rhodes) EN   FR   ES   IT   GR  
Options for an islands-friendly Post-2020 cohesion policy FR   EN  
Opinion on the Commission’s consultation relating to the provisions to simplify implementation of unproblematic state support for ports and airports FR   EN  
Islands and Cohesion Policy debate at the European Parliament: analysis and proposals for follow-up actions EN - Only