The Islands Commission highlights the island dimension in the CPMR’s work and action on Maritime Affairs.

The CPMR is by definition the organisation keen and dedicated to promoting maritime affairs and strongly contributed to the creation of the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP). Since then, it has been supporting efforts to strengthen the governance of the IMP and the “blue growth” approach at EU level on behalf of its members.

The Island regions are obliged to combine two essential requirements – preservation and development. They need to protect the most outstanding natural areas and at the same time give the right place to sustainable economic activities, including tourism. Island territories can also become centres for research, spearheading innovation in ocean sciences.

On maritime and costal tourism, the Island regions are working together to ensure the sustainable development of this sector. Their action is mainly focused on:

  • regenerating coastal areas hit by the effects of mass tourism,
  • collecting and exploiting statistical data,
  • identifying good practices that can be capitalised upon in EU cooperation projects,
  • promoting island cultures.

The Islands Commission also works closely with MEPs from the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Integroup of the European Parliament (SEARICA). The Intergroup has appointed a Vice-President in charge of island issues, and makes sure that the European Union takes into account the specific challenges facing the islands.