During the 47th General Assembly speakers explained to the microphone of the CPMR the highlights of the discussions held. The IC Secretariat has selected the most relevant video interviews for its island members:

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Executive Council of Corsica, President of the CPMR Islands Commission : ‘We ask for the recognition of an insularity clause which would be included in each European public policy.’ Watch the full interview here.

Younous Omarjee, MEP, President of REGI Committee: ‘In the context of the Green New Deal and the proposal of a Just Transition Fund at EU level, Islands, peripheral and outermost regions should not be left behind and should be able to mobilise EU funds to ensure their energy transition.’ Watch the full interview here.

Georges Kremlis, Honorary Director DG ENV, European Commission: ‘It is important that maritime and peripheral regions and islands develop adaption plans to climate change, together with circular economy strategies, and for the coastal areas, integrated coastal management plans. (…) In that respect, the EU is offering many possibilities for islands and regions in terms of funding or exchange of good practices.’ Watch the full interview here

Vasco Cordeiro, President of the CPMR, President of the Government of the Azores: ’The role of regions should be to reinforce the responsibilities and achievements of the European Union about peace, solidarity, social cohesion and territorial cohesion (…) it is of utmost importance to make the European Union closer to its citizens’. Watch the full interview here

Visit the dedicated Youtube playlist to watch all the interviews!