On 2 June, the CPMR’s Secretary General, Eleni Marianou, and Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, Member of the Corsican Executive in charge of European Affairs and rapporteur to the Committee of the Regions on Entrepreneurship in the Islands, participated in the public hearing organised by INSULEUR (EU Network of Island Chambers of Commerce and Industry) on entrepreneurship in Europe’s islands.

In the wake of the opinions issued by the CoR and the EESC, the idea was to look at which new tools or mechanisms adapted to the specific characteristics of island markets and businesses are needed, so that islands are not excluded from the European market because of their structural, geographic and demographic handicaps.

Mrs Marianou recalled the action taken by the CPMR Islands Commission and the positions voted in Malta at its last General Assembly in March 2017. These focus in particular on cohesion policy, which is vital for these territories, and the need to consider and use new indicators by means of an accurate analysis of entrepreneurship in islands.